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Application Server Trends among Open Source Developers

Ohloh, now aquired by Sourceforge,performed a custom data analysis to determine the adoption of application servers among open source developers.
  • Of Java new project starts that target Java EE, GlassFish is the leading application server for new project starts with

    73% of all Java EE projects.

  • Of Java projects that target Java EE, GlassFish is the leading application server with just over 50% of projects targeting GlassFish

The pdf paper has some nice graphics illustrating the development of glassfish from 2004 until now.


The Crisis of Credit

The amazing visualization of The Crisis of Credit makes me publish my first business related blog entry. Why not teaching IT related topics like this? Does anyone know which tool to use if you want to create something like this?


Java One 2009

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate at the java one conference in San Francisco this year. But due to all of the bloggers and especially twitter it wasn't difficult to keep in touch.
This page shows all the real time tweets for java one.
Within the next few days and weeks i will look at the topics, which played an important role at java one, such as
Last but not least, I found a nice blog entry which explains how javaEE, spring and a OSGI Bundle, all work together with GlassFish V3.
So there's enough to read and code. Have fun!