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It has been quite a while...

I has been quite a long time since I have published the last blog post.
As I did a few things I now have to think back what I actually did...:)
First of all, while developing my basketball application (see ) and working for my current customer I got the idea to write an article about best practices in agile software development, which was pretty tough, what I can say right now, because I finally completed it last week. However, it will take some months until it gets published. I will tell you more about it as soon as I have more information.

What about my basketball application?
My goal is to release a snapshot version 1 just before christmas :)
I set up the perfect infrastructure for the application with hudson and sonar and created the first few web pages. By the way, IceFaces won the race for the web framework. Whether I am happy with this choice or not... I don't know. I definitly had to deal with some basic JSF understanding problems, as I am no UI guy. But with the help of some colleagues I could fight my way through the UI jungle and I am happy to say, that the application is on stable ground and ready to be filled with more and more functionality. There's only one problem. I don't really like to develop web content. Apparently I am not getting comfortable with this xhtml code.
Before I decided to choose IceFaces, I also evaluated Adobe Flex in combination with JavaEE. But I broke up with it because it would have been way more work for me to get used to developing Adobe Applications.

Within the next weeks I will focus on posting more about my experiences with the development of my basketball application and because of the article I wrote, I will post some news and experiences about agile, test driven development.

That's all for today, have a great weekend.