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Very nice JavaEE blue sheet about the interaction between the tiers

While browsing for some articles about the JPA's EntityManager's detached and attached state, i stumbled upon a very nice blue sheet.
If you want to create a web application with JavaEE you should definitly read this article, as it shows you a way of how to work with enities on the front end layer without having DTOs.
If you talk to J2EE architectures about this topic and suggest a solution like this, you might have a tough discussion. I understand that there are several cases where it makes sense to introduce DTO's but in my opinion you should always start with the leanest solution. Every line of code you write may contain an error, even if it's just some 'mapping code' (DTO2EntitieHelper).
JavaEE has made the life of a backend developer way easier. So, if you want to get rid of all those layers in your application from one tier to another, read this article.

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