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ICEFaces meets JSF2.0

Hello again,

As I have been developing most of my applications with ICEFaces as JSF implementation, I am very curious to test the first version of ICEFaces 2.0 Alpha. The ICEFaces core is now on the Mojarra JSF 2.0.1 runtime.
Read more about it
As soon as I migrated from 1.8.2 to this Alpha version, I will tell you my experiences.

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  1. Anyone that has witnessed the Google Wave demo knows that real-time, collaborative web applications are upon us. Web-based Ajax Push is fundamental to these types of applications, and has also been fundamental to ICEfaces since the very first release of the framework. Google's excellent adventure aside, we see Ajax Push moving out of the early adopter stage and into serious enterprise deployments with stringent scalability and availability requirements.