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CDI JSR-299 updates

Hi guys,

I just want to tell you that I updated the post about my first CDI impressions. I will update this post regularly (see the red bold update text), in order to have one blogpost that contains all the neccessary information for CDI beginners.
By the way, have you searched for CDI on twitter?
Most of the results are not about JavaEE, but Mercedes Benz cars, as CDI also stands for Capacitor Discharger Ignition, which is used in many Mercedes Benz car models. :)

Another funny thing is WELD TEST (Weld is the JSR 299/CDI reference implementation). In the last few days I was looking for a way to write JUnit test for the CDI features. As you need a container, it's tough to test it outside a container. However, Gavin King described in a forum post how to test CDI(Weld). There's going to be a WELD TEST. If you google'll find ...

Anyway, before jumping to the next JavaEE 6 component, I will try to write some Dependecy Injection Junit Tests and tell you about it... I am of the opinion that CDI testing has not been considered that much until now (at least you won't find much about it)


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