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Maven - Netbeans - JavaEE5 -Compile on Save?


it has been quite a long time since I published my last post. I have had a very tough time with lots of stuff to do.
But let's continue with a topic/a solution for a problem I have been waiting for several month.
It's about developing maven JavaEE5 projects with Netbeans 6.8. If you have the following project structure : one EAR which contains webprojects and ejb projects and you want to see changes you add to your web content (e.g. .jsp , .faces) directly in the browser without rebuilding or republishing, Compile on Save is the feature you should be looking for.
However, exactly for this usecase, it's not working. The corresponding netbeans bugfix is scheduled for Netbeans 6.9.
I think it is almost impossible to switch from ant (with ant-based projects it works perfectly) to maven. Maybe you ask yourself why I want to switch to maven? It's because of my favorite, the one and only hudson continuous integration server. Hudson is optimized for Maven-based jobs and it makes it way easier to create, extend and monitor these jobs.
I am kind of surprised because only 4 people voted for this issue. It could be that it's because of the few Netbeans users. But among german voters in this survey at jaxenter I see that this can't be the case. So is it because the few JavaEE5 projects with maven? What's your opinion?


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