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GlassFish Clustering In Under 10 Minutes

John Clingon, the glassfish group product manager at Sun Microsystems (sooner or later Oracle, the deal is still pending) did a very nice presentation of how to
  • download glassfish (it is V2 ur2, if you are trying to do the same, i recommend downloading V2.1)
  • install glassfish
  • setup a cluster with two instances on a local macbookpro
  • deploy a sample application
  • and test the application by stopping one instance
He managed all of this in just about 10 minutes. Awesome!

I have been working with glassfish since nearly 2 years, and I can completely recommend it. No other java application server is so close to the latest technical developments. Great startup and deployment times (I will give you some data in another post) and an easy to use web based administration console. If you work with the Netbeans IDE, you will be able to do agile javaEE development at its best.
However, keep in mind that JavaEE development needs some RETHINKING. Forget about your old J2EE habits and patterns and start reading this book.

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