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Top Reasons for Glassfish V3

I have seen so many large Java projects where they used WebSphere Application Server.
Is there a link between the size of a project and the heavyweight of an application server?
The more people that are developing - the longer the server-start-time or deployment time?

Development Roundtrips beginning with cleaning up your workspace, rebuilding and redeploying your application can take more than 5 minutes, even if you just want to see some changes on the front end.

Switching between implementing with Glassfish and Websphere makes me feel like living in two different worlds. Future and Past.
However, I see that it is still difficult to convince a company or the decision makers, to use glassfish. Many times these decisions are not made for the developers sake and though for the success of a project. But if you are one who can choose the application server, consider these benefits, written down in the following blog:
I know, Glassfish V3 is not yet ready for productive use, but i also know how long it takes to make a decision :)

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