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Netbeans IDE 6.7 Refcard

Hi guys,
for those of you who don't know Netbeans development environment, there's a nice DZONE refcard available at
It gives you a very general overview about
  • What are the buttons for?
  • What does the editor look like?
  • What's new compared to the version before?
  • Some shortcuts for both PC and Mac users
  • and last but not least a list of links
My recommendation is just to download it from and test the features.
I switched from Eclipse to Netbeans about 2 years ago and I am completely happy with it.
What I like most is that this IDE gets better and better with every release, even with release candidates or master releases. I think the main difference between Eclipse and Netbeans is, that Netbeans focuses on providing the very basic functionality for a developer. It is very well tested and has a great integration with databases and application servers.
Eclipse, on the other hand, is more configurable and open for a lot of different plugins. The different download bundles indicate this.
I have met developers, who did a bit too much of eclipse customizing, which made their workspace get lots of problems at deploying and even compiling.
Netbeans also offers different bundles, but it's not about basic IDE features which differ, but support for other programming languages, such as PHP, groovy, C++ and some more.

I think there are different kind of developers, those who are happy with things that just work, and those who really love to customize and therefor accept some problems. Maybe comparable with MAC and PC discussions.
So feel free to tell me your opinion about your favorite IDE.


  1. Hi Daniel, can you plz post a msg on how to create entity bean and message drivern bean in netbeans 6.7 IDE
    I'm a not so good programmer trying to learn EJB.
    I'll appreciate your help greatly.

  2. Hi Tejas,
    the netbeans homepage offers great documentation. Especially for your needs, I recommend the following links:
    (this one is for creating entity beans from databases)
    For your message driven beans look at
    this link
    I hope this will help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.